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Our Members

Here we are going to provide some profiles of our members. If you are a member in good standing, and would like to be included in this section, please contact the webmaster. The type of information provided may include educational details, activities/interests in connnection with the viola d'amore, instruments, recordings, publications, write-ups, and contact information, links to other sites, select images, downloads of recordings and documents (Short Guidelines). The pages will be individually created and only go live after approval by the respective member.

The section is open to all members, including musicians, students, scholars, luthiers, and amateurs.

Our Presidents


Viola d'Amore Activities and Interests
Myron Rosenblum Dr. Myron Rosenblum Founder and past co-director of Viola d'amore Society of America, professional musician
Daniel Thomason Dr. Daniel Thomason Founder and past co-director of Viola d'amore Society of America, professional musician
Christoph Angerer Musician
Professional musicians
Biller Luthier
Amateur player, IVAS webmaster
Professional musician
Ludwig Hampe Professional muscian and IVAS treasurer
Dr. Sibylle Hoedt-Schmidt Musician and IVAS secretary
Devin Hough Luthier and musician
Josef Huber Master luthier
Jan Matys Amateur player and composer
Marianne Rônez Marianne Rônez Professional musician
Gertrud Schmidt Professional musician
Simon Steinkühler Professional musician
Anne Schumann and Klaus Voigt Professional musicians
Margit Vig Margit Vig Professional musician
Professional musician
Adriana Zoppo Viola d'amore  


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