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Anne Schumann und Klaus Voigt

Anne Schumann & Klaus Voigt
Professional Musicians

Anne Schumann

Anne Schumann studied modern violin at the Music-Universities Weimar and Dresden. 1989 she became member of the Gewandhaus orchesterstra in Leipzig. Since 1993 she plays as self-employed baroque violinist primarily in England (THE ENGLISH BAROQUE SOLOISTS, THE ENGLISH CONCERT, amongst others). In Leipzig she founded her own ensemble, the CHURSÄCHSISCHE CAPELLE LEIPZIG, which concentrates particularly on the performance of forgotten chamber music pieces. For several years she was concert master of the European Baroque Orchestra. Besides her occupation with historical violin literature, she likes to work on new repertoire for the viola d'amore.
Society member since 2009

Klaus Voigt studied at the Music University of Weimar modern viola. After engagements at the orchestras in Magdeburg and Leipzig, in 1989 he went to the Telemann Chamber Orchestra in Blankenburg. 2001 he was co-founder of the Telemannischen Collegium Michaelstein, to continue the path to the rediscovery and workup of unknown pieces. Besides the baroque viola he is also spending time with the viola d'amore.
Society member since 2009

Viola d'amore interests

Together the two musicians have planned for the coming year to produce CD-recordings with works from Dresden for two violas d'amore. Further information can be found under www.violen-damore.de


Copy with Pantherhead build in 1994 by Bastian Muthesius (Berlin).
Original instrument, most likely Bohemia, 18th century, with winged angel's face.


Our new CD "Musik für Viola d'amore" has appeared on Genuin.

Amor from Pisendel's LibrarySchumann-Voigt
It all started that two viola d'amore players decided to marry. Normal people exchange rings, but if the hobby is of the couple is the viola d'amore, one has to expect some more interesting ideas.

Besides a hike from marriage office to the church, the wedding wish to friends and family included the donation of some funds to a CD-production. As it occurred in abundance, the CD in February recorded CD will appear in October 2010 on Genuin classics GbR and is called "Musik für Viola d'amore". One can hear predominantly works from the famous cubboard II of the Dreseden State Library. For some time all those works are made availalbe to the public in digital form (www.schrank-zwei.de). The hand written sheet music with proposals for ornamentations is by Johann Pisendel, the concert master in the high perior of the Dresden court orchestra.
The basic character of the music is joyful and entertaining. In the foreground is the development of the sound. The many strings of the two violas resonate with each other, harmony, euphony and joy of playing unite. "Musik für Viola d'amore"- in many respects an homage at the god "Amor".


In January 2012 the painter Petra Iversen invited us to a concert in Hamburg for her exhibit. It should become an exceptional concert. She asked us to select fitting music to her images.

I like to connect with my programs music with other art forms, such as literature readings and history. But music with painting? Music speaks its own language and inspires our imagination. Likewise the images of Petra Iversen: with her colors and her expression she impresses us very quietly.

During the experiment of letting music and painting work together, something very special was created. One sees and hears differently. From painting and sound an exceptional sound image appears. With the selection of the muiscal pieces we have used very intentionally also the tonal color of our instruments, so for instance the viola d'amore with its many strings, or also the viola da spalle, which is exquisitely suitable to present the chickens in the sonata by J. J. Walther.

The concert was a success. In the meantime, we have finalized our joint idea of a DVD and hope that many people will enjoy it.


We use a very handy tuning aid, which can be seen on the photos. Please contact us for information about the source.

Tipp: Stimmhilfe
Links www.anneschumann.info/amore.html

Anne Schumann & Klaus Voigt
Schleinitzstraße 8
38889 Blankenburg

Telephone: +49 39 44 - 35 46 21
Telefax: +49 39 44 - 35 46 20
E-Mail: kontakt@violen-damore.de

Anne Schumann und Klaus Voigt


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