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Dr. Myron Rosenblum
Professional Musician
Co-Founder & past Co-Director of Society

Native New Yorker.
Studied viola with Walter Trampler, Lillian Fuchs and William Primrose.
Studied viola d'amore with Karl Stumpf (Vienna) in 1964 on a Fulbright Grant.
Degrees from Queens College and New York University.
Free-lanced with many orchestras and chamber groups in New York City and elsewhere and has appeared as viola d'amore soloist with the New York City Opera, the New York Philharmonic, the Richmond Symphony, the Susquehanna Symphony Orchestra, the Little Orchestra Society, the Brattleboro Music Festival, the Greenwich Quartet and the Cremona String Quartet.
Performed with the 7th US Army Symphony, Clarion Concerts, the Boston Pops Tour Orchestra, the American Opera Society, Friends of French Opera, Music in Our Time, the New York Grand Opera and others.
Professor Emeritus from Queensborough Community College, City University of New York where he taught for 32 years.
Founder and first president of the American Viola Society.
Formed Viola d'amore Society of America in 1977 with Daniel Thomason.
Co-Director of Viola d'amore Society of America 19772013.
Rosenblum created and maintained the viola d'amore society web site until 2007.

Viola d'amore interests

I am interested in the history and performance of the viola d'amore.
Have a great interest in locating original music for viola d'amore and creating as many of them as possible for future publication to make them available to viola d'amore players and enthusiasts.
Conducted research on the instrument domestically and abroad.
Commissioned some music for viola d'amore and given world premieres of such pieces by David Finko, Terry Winter Owens and Richard Lane.


- LP recording of the Stamitz Variation movement -- Marlborough -- (viola d'amore and viola).
- Two non-commercial recordings with two orchestras in New York City: Christoph Graupner Concerto in D major for Viola d'amore and Viola soli with Orchestra with The Astoria Symphony; Telemann Concerto in E major for Flute, Oboe d'amore and Viola d'amore soli with Orchestra with the C.O.S.M. Orchestra.
- Many private tape recordings of my performances from most of our International Viola d'amore Congresses

Repertoire (selection)

I have performed music by:
- Vivaldi (concertos, Nisi Dominus).
- Telemann (concerto).
- Christoph Graupner (concertos, trio sonatas, Sinfonia in F for viola d'amore, cello and bassoon soli with 3 violas and basso).
- Franz S. Schuchbauer (2 trio sonatas).
- J.J. Quantz, (trio sonatas).
- C. Petzold - 2 Partitas for solo viola d'amore.
- Albrechtsberger (trios).
- Franz Benda (sonata).
- Carl Stamitz ("Marlboroulgh" duo, sonata, Quartet for oboe, violin, viola d'amore and cello).
- A. Ariosti - Lessons and Sonatas for viola d'amore and basso and Cantata "Pur al fin gentil viola".
- F.W. Rust (sonatas, trio for 2 flutes and viola d'amore, Duo for Viola d'amore and Viola).
- Giranek (Concerto in A for flute, viola d'amore, 3 violins and cello),.
- Richard Lane -- all his music for viola d'amore that he wrote for me.
- Terry Winter Owens - Wind, Sand and Stars for viola d'amore and piano.
- Irving Schlein -- Sonatina for viola d'amore and piano and all his ensemble music for "Ancient Instruments".
- Joseph Eybler -- 2 Quintets for violin, viola d'amore, viola, cello and bass and his Offertorium - "In Festo Sta. Theresiae.
- Bach, St. John Passion and cantatas 152, 205, 36c.
- Lorenziti-Casadeus "La Chasse".
- Aurelio Arcidiacono Due Movimenti per Viola d'amore e Viola.
- Paul Hindemith Kleine Sonate; Vazgen Muradian - music for viola d'amore.
- Jacob Glick - "Row for Lou" for solo viola d'amore.
- Laurindo Almeida - Pieces for viola d'amore and guitar.


Contributions to the History and Literature of the Viola d'amore: A Translation and Expansion of Werner Eginhard Koehler's "Beiträge zur Geschichte und Literatur der Viola d'amore." Doctoral Dissertation, New York University. [Available from UMI-microfilms; search for Rosenblum, Myron]
"Viola d'amore " in The New Grove Dictionary of Music and Musicians .
Co-editor of Viola d'amore Society of America Newsletter (19772013).

Sheet Music (Details).
Franz Simon Schuchbauer - Sonata in A for 2 Violas d'amore and
Richard Lane - "Michaelstein" Suite for Flute, 2 Violas d'amore and Piano.
Christoph Graupner - Concerto in D for Viola d'amore and Viola with Piano Reduction (reduction by Richard Lane). Rarities for Strings Publications.


Myron Rosenblum

Email: roseviola20@gmail.com


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