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Marianne Ronez

Marianne Rônez
Professional Musician


Studies in violin with Ulich Lehmann, Bern, and Josef Sivó, Vienna.
Studies in Viola d'amore with Karl Stierhof, Vienna.
Founded Attetti Musicali with Ernst Kubitschek,and Duo Canto-Viola d'amore with Albena Naydenowa.
Concerts all over Europa, USA, and Korea, amongst others with Clemencic-Consort, Corelli-Ensemble, Ars Musica Chicago.
Teaching at Congresses and Workshops.
In 2000 she received jointly with Ernst Kubitschek the Jakob-Stainer-Prize of the State of Tirolia for particular contributions to Early Music. .

Member of the Society since approximately 1980.

Viola d'amore Interests Period performance practice.
Contemporary music for Viola d'amore.

See also on the Canto-Violadamore web pages.



Marianne Ronez

Ronez CDViola d'amore

Ronez KlangfarbenSpiel der Klangfarben

Ronez Herrando Joseph Herrando

Ronez Huberty Anton Huberty


Ronez HubertyLiebliche Klšnge


Viola d´amore solo
Anton Huberty: Solo pieces from the Viola d´amore-Instruction, Vienna 1780
Louis Toussaint Milandre: Solo pieces from "Méthode facile pour la Viole
d´amour", Paris ca 1771
Christian Pezold (1677-1733): Partitas for Viola d´amore solo
Sergio Mauri: "Apeiron, Il passato nel presente", 4 pieces for Viola d´amore
solo, 1992
Vazgen Muradian: "Palpiti", op.186; Solo-Sonatas
Laurence Traiger: "Le Sanctuaire intérieur", for Viola d´amore solo, 1988

Viola d'amore & Sopran
Anton Huberty: Arias and Songs for für Sopran und Viola d´amore, from Viola d´amore-Instruction, Vienna 1780
Neva Krysteva, "Vater unser", 1999
Vazgen Muradian: "Loves mind", W. Shakespeare
"Nachdenken", W.v. Goethe
"S´io avessi", Dante Alighieri
"Occhi" , G.B.Guarini
Hellmut Tzschökell: "Vier kleine Botschaften als Zeichen der Freundschaft",
Text by Helmut Walch, 1997
Alexander Schetynsky : "Two songs of a wayfaring philosofer", 2000
Sergio Mauri : "Berceuse", nach einem Gedicht von Hermann Hesse, 2000
Martin Lichtfuss : "Rhapsodie", 2002


Contributions in the most important German Music Lexicon „Musik in Geschichte und Gegenwart“.
Huberty Facsimile Band published by Il Corneto.
The book „Florilegium Chelicum“ is a compilation of her research regarding the violin technique and offers interested violinists a large number of quotes from old sources for all aspects of the violin playing (In preparation).


Marianne Rônez

e-mail: ronez at kubitschek.co.at



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