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Joseph Huber Geigenbauer

Josef Huber
Master Luthier


-born 1961 in Wasserburg/Inn (Germany)
-Instruction in violin, piano and music theory in school.
-Instruction as luthier since 1983 with Hartmut Münzberg (Tabeckendorf/Germany)
-Move to Berlin 1987
-Since 1992 master luthier
-Opening of own shop 1992 in Berlin

Society member since 2009.

Viola d'amore Interests

-I became a luthier, because I wanted to remain a musician. Therefore, my main focus with respect to building violins is the investigation of production of sound.
- As a player of the bandoneon "Tango argentino" moves me.
- But not only: 1990 - 2000 new music with "Ensemble Zwischentöne" with Peter Ablinger.
- The search for original sound of bowed string instruments was a emphasis in the shop where I was educated. With the first old violin in my hands, and the questions "How did the builder live?", "With which consciousness was this instrument built?", " How did this instrument sound when it was new?" the interest in the history of building violins was opened

Other Interests -Playing the viola d'gamba (Tenor gamba) in consorts
-Climbing mountains in winter with skies on the feet and (hopefully) riding down in powder snow.

The first viola d'amore was my diploma piece in 1986. A copy of a bohemian instrument in its original tate (it appeared one day tuned on my bench. A surprise). Based on this body model, I have built later several violas d'amore without sympathetic strings.

New constructions

New newly built instruments are always created as copies based on restorations of old instruments.


- "Johannes Teuffel, Lauten, und // Geigenmacher in Breslau // Anno 1738" , worked on 1995-96;
- "Joannes Udalricus Eberle // Lauten-macher in Prag 17.." 2004;
- "Joann. Udalricus Eberll // fecit Pragae 1744" in 2007;
- "Joannes Georgius Hellmer // Pragensis me fecit 1729 " from 2005-2008;

References -Ulla Bundies
-Rui Canelas
-Sabine Fehlandt
-Nils Oekland
-Ulrike Paetz
-Marianne Rônez
-Hariolf Schlichtig
-Ulrike Scobel

Josef Huber
Prinzenallee 58 / 2.Hof
13359 Berlin

Tel. +49 (0)30 - 44324832
email: info at hubergeigen.de
web: www.josefhuber.eu


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