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Gheorghe & Simona Balan
Professional Musicians


Gheorghe Balan
From age 11 education in viola at the Musicschool Botosani (Rumania), then Special Musicschool in Konstanza.
Engagements at the State Philharmonia Botosani and at the Lyrical Theatre in Konstanza.
Since 1980 solo-violist of the State Orchestra Eisenach; Founding of the Stringquartett Divertimento.
2006 learned autodidactically playing the Viola d'amore.
Private lessons with Ludwig Hampe, one of the most renowned violists.
Society member since 2008.

At a national contest in 1977 he received the second prize for Solo Playing, and the third prizes in Stringquartett and Chamber Orchestra.

Simona Balan
Music lessons at the Musiclyceum Bukarest (Rumania).
Studied at the University for Music "Felix Mendelssohn Bartholdy" in Leipzig with Prof. György Garay (Concertmaster of the Radiosymphonyorchestra Leipzig).
Since 1978 she is member of the State Orchestra Eisenach, currently vice-concertmaster.
1980 Founding of the Stringquartett Divertimento.
2008 starts playing the Viola d'amore.

Viola d'amore interests Resoration of an old Viola d'amore. Images.

First concert 2006 with the Chamber Music Society of Wartburgstadt Eisenach, Vivaldi RV 394.

February 2007 with the Gneral Music Director of Eisenach Tetsuro Ban in the Bach-House of the town Eisenach.
Dezember 22.2007 he plays with Natalia Strathmann-Alencova and the Chamber Music Society in the Savings-Bank Wartburg in Eisenach the Chamber Concerto in D-minor for Viola d'amore, Mandolin, Strings and Basso Continuo RV540 by Antonio Vivaldi.
The last concert took place on March 28. 2008 in Neugattersleben during the Castle-Concerts of Neugattersleben with members of the string quartett Divertimento.
2008 Viola d'amore Society of America Congress, Ochsenhausen. Image. Image.

Recordings Ronez CD Musik im Eisenach der Barockzeit. [Music in Eisenach during the Baroque]. Includes Telemann Trio in D-major, Gheorghe Balan, Viola d'amore.
  Duette für Viola d'amore. Simona and Gheorghe Balan, Violas d'amore.

Antonio Vivaldi Concert in D-minor, RV 394 for Viola d'amore, Strings and B.C.
Concert in D-minor, RV 540 for Viola d'amore, Lute, Strings and B.C.
Joseph Haydn Divertimento for Viola d'amore, Violin and Violoncello
Franz Anton Hoffmeister Quartett in D-major for Viola d'amore, two Violins and Violoncello
Johann Georg Albrechtsberger Partita Nr. 2 in D-major for Viola d'amore, Violin and Cello
Partita in D-major for Flute, Viola d'amore and Contrabass
Georg Philipp Telemann Trio Sonata for Flute, Viola d'amore and B.C.
Franz Benda Sonate for Viola d'amore and B. C.
Karl Stamitz Marlborough Sonata for Viola d'amore and Violin
Friedrich Wilhelm Rust Sonatina " La Paisanne" for Viola d'amore and Cello
Louis-Toussaint Milandre Duo for Viola d'amore and Cello
Attilio Ariosti Cantata à voce sola con la Viola d'amore "Pur al fin gentil Viola" (Soprano, Viola d'amore and B.C.)
Luigi Borghi/Gordon Childs- Duo for two Violas d'amore,
Anton Huberty - Duetto for two Violas d'amore.
Anonymus- Trio in C for two Violas d'amore and Bc.
Wilhelm Friedrich Rust-Sonata for Viola d'amore and Violin.
Henrik Rung - Three Duetts for two Violas d'amore

Reviews Wofram Klante. 27.12.2007. Abgestimmtes Spiel.
Gottfried Meyer. 27.12.2007. Ruhige Lieder und bewegtere Stücke.
Georg Pepl, HNA 7.1.2008: Musikalische Reise ins 18. Jahrhundert.
Bernburger Kurier March 2008. Konzert in klassischen Kostümen.

Werra-Rundschau, May, 2010. Ein delikates musikalisches Vergnügen.


Gheorghe und Simona Balan
Am Röseplatz 2
99817 Eisenach

Tel.: +49 (0) 3691 - 21 31 88

e-mail: fam.balan at web.de
web: www.duo-aliquot.de


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