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Instructions on how to set up an account
on the Viola d'amore Forum

1) Go to http://www.violadamoresociety.org/Forum [or click on this link]
The following page will appear.
Then click on "Register" at top right (red arrow).

2) On the following screen agree to the usage terms by clicking on "I agree to these terms" (red arrow)

3) Set-up account information:
Username: you can use your real name (Joe Smith, Hans Müller) or make up a pseudonym such as vda-fan.
e-mail address: provide a working e-mail address.
confirm e-mail address: (same as above; avoids problems due to typos).
Password: make up a secret term so that only you can access the account. There are no special requirements, except that the password must be between 6 and 100 characters long. UPPER and lower case characters are considered to be different!
Language and time zone: not really important, but select if you feel like it.
Antispam: as default "10" is displayed, replace with 4. This avoids computer algorithms of setting up accounts.
Confirmation: viola d'amore.

Then click submit (red arrow).

4) You will get the following confirmation message.

5) Now go to your e-mail account; this will be looking slightly different depending on your e-mail program.
Click on the link highlighted with the red arrow.

6) The following confirmation message will appear in your webbrowser.

7) On the next screen you can log in: type in your username and password (red arrows).
Then click on Login button (green arrow).

8) Now you are logged in as shown by your username (red arrows) and you can start actively using the Forum. Congratulations!


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