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Instructions on how to post a performance
on the Viola d'amore Forum

1) Go to http://www.violadamoresociety.org/Forum [or click on this link]
The following page will appear.
Then log in: type in your username and password (red arrows). [If you don't have an account, see here]
Then click on Login button (green arrow).

2) Now you are logged in as shown by your username (red arrows).
Then click on Performances (green arrow)

3) In the Performances subforum, click on NEWTOPIC (red arrow).

4) Put a subject line (e.g., Ariosti concert, 1.1.2015 New York Carnegie Hall) and give additional information on your concert, such as particular pieces played (e.g. Lezzioni 1, 3, 5), various players or orchestras, specific time, street address, website for further information, add a picture. You can decide what should be included. You can also copy-paste from an other document.
There are additional options (attachments, formatting) that go beyond the basic introduction.

Then click either Preview or Submit (green arrows).

If this is your first post, send the webmaster (geiger@vetigastropoda.com) an e-mail, so that I can OK the post (another measure against spam; unfortunately necessary). Thereafter, it will appear on its own.


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