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International Viola d'amore CongressesThe International Viola d'amore Society holds these events every two years and 17 such congresses  have taken place to date.  At these musical happenings, viola d'amore players, scholars, teachers, luthiers from England, Canada, Austria, Germany, France, Italy, the Czech Republic, Poland and the USA  gather for several days of concerts, lectures, lecture-recitals and exhibits -- all viola d'amore related.The International Viola d'amore Congresses have been held at the following sites:
  • 1982: 1st International Viola d'amore Congress, University of Wyoming, Laramie, Wyoming, June 29 - July 1.  Dr. Gordon Childs, Host.
  • 1984: 2nd International Viola d'amore Congress, Pittsburg State University, Pittsburg, Kansas,  June 28-30. Prof. Mary Elliott James, Host.
  • 1986: 3rd   International Viola d'amore Congress, University of Texas, Austin, Texas,  July 10-12. David Troutman, Host.
  • 19884th International Viola d'amore Congress, Internationale Bach Akademie Stuttgart, Stuttgart, Germany, August 22-24. Arnt Martin, Host.
  • 1990: 5th International Viola d'amore Congress, University of South Dakota, Shrine to Music Museum, Vermillion, South Dakota, July 7-9.  Dr. Margaret Downie Banks, Host.
  • 1992: 6th International Viola d'amore Congress, Harlaxton College, Grantham, Lincolnshire, England, June 24-26. Max Tonson-Ward, Host.
  • 1994: 7th International Viola d'amore Congress, Kettering Seventh Day Adventist Church, Dayton, Ohio, July 25-27. Dr. Kenneth Christman, Host.
  • 1996: 8th International Viola d'amore Congress, Institut für Aufführungspraxis der Musik des 18. Jahrhunderts, Michaelstein, Germany, July 25-27.  Marianne Ronez, Host.
  • 1998: 9th International Viola d'amore Congress, Utah Valley State College, Orem, Utah, June 25-28. Dr. Gordon Childs, Host. Additional Information.
  • 2000: 10th International Viola d'amore Congress, Bundesakademie für Musikalische Jugendbildung, Trossingen, Germany, July 5-9. Günter Ojstersek, Heinz Berck and Hans Lauerer, Hosts.
  • 2002: 11th International Viola d'amore Congress, Radziejowice Palace, Radziejowice, Poland, June 7-14.  Artur Paciorkiewicz, Host. Additional Information.
  • 2004: 12th International Viola d'amore Congress, Snow College, Ephraim, Utah, June 16-19.  Magdalena Ondrasova, Host. Additional information.
  • 2006: 13th International Viola d'amore Congress, Nordkolleg Rendsburg, Germany, June. Wolfgang Anton, Hans-Henning Schwier and Doritha Schwier, Hosts.
  • 2008: 14th International Viola d'amore Congress. Ochsenhausen Akademie, June 18-22, 2008. Rüdiger Müller-Nübling and Hans Lauerer, Hosts. Images and other information from the congress.
  • 2010: 15th International Viola d'amore Congress. June 21-24, 2010. Evanston/Chicago, Illinois, USA. Rachel Barton Pine, host. Images and further information
  • 2012 16th International Viola d'amore Congress. June 14-17, 2012. Innsbruck, Austria.. Marianne Kubischek-Rônez, host.
  • 2014 17th International Viola d'amore Congress. June 25–29, 2014. Budapest, Hungary (Liszt Ferenc music academy). Margit Vig, host.
  • 2016 18th International Viola d'amore Congress. June 13–19, European Krzysztof Penderecki Center for Music, Poland. Arthur Paciorkiewicz, Host. Program.
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