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Publications about the Viola d'Amore

The Newsletter of the Viola d'amore Society, provided as a membership benefit, contains extensive information on the viola d'amore. Members also have access to the on-line pdf archive providingaccess to over 30 years of past newsletters.

There are only a few significant books about the viola d'amore. The three that are most easily found are listed below. They can be obtained more or less easily from book sellers, second-hand bookshops, internet retailers (e.g., www.abebooks.com), and even ebay.

Marianne Ronez Die so lieblich klinget

Rônez, Marianne (ed.). 2016. Die so lieblich klinget. 291 pp. Euro 45.00. ISBN 9783850619097

This volume is a conference proceedings from the International Viola d'amore Congress in Innsbruck in 2012. 22 Essays on various aspects of the viola d'amore are provided.

The book can be obtained from:
Helbling Verlag

Heinz Berk Die Viola d'amore

Berck, Heinz. 2008. Die Viola d'amore. Selfpublished. 250 pp., many illustrations. Euro 38.50.

This volume is the most coprehensive and up-to-date source of information on the viola d'amore. It includes discussions on the provenance of the instrument, questions of instrument construction details and styles, discussion of playing styles and scordatura, and even an account of the viola d'amore in literature and poetry.

The books is written in German only, but the many illustrations and diagrams may also make it a worth-while resource for non-German speakers.

The book can be obtained from:
Edition Walhall, Verlag Franz Biersack,
D-39106 Magdeburg

Phone: ++49-391-857820
Fax: ++49-391-8520079
E-mail: info-edition-walhall@freenet.de

Marianne Rônez facsimile edition of Huberty Music

Rônez, Marianne. 2008. Faksimile Edition of Huberty's Neue Method .... Cornetto. ~Euro 110.
see also www.faksimiles.org/verlag.htm or write to
webmaster "at&" cornetto-music.de
[replace "at&" with @-symbol]

This is a facsimile edition of Huberty's famous Neue Method. Note, that the music is not transcribed according to modern conventions. As the original, it is a two volume set, including introductory remarks in German and English (translated by Carlos Solare), presented in a handsome box.

The music was recorded in 2009 with Marianne Rônez playing the viola d'amore. See the CD page.

Harry Danks: The viola d'amore

Danks, Harry. 1976. The Viola d'Amore (limited first edition of 500 copies, red linen). Bois de Boulogne, West Midlands, England. 104 pp., 14 pls. ISBN 0 900998 15 6

Danks, Harry, 1979. The Viola d'amore (limited second edition of 500 copies, green linen). Stephen Bonner, West Midlands, England. 128 pp. 17 pls. ISBN 0 900998 16

This is a classic treatment of the Viola d'amore available in two hard-back editions. The second edition is slightly expanded and much more affordable than the uncommonly seen first edition. In one second edition, the tipped in photograph of Danks playing the viola d'amore was strongly faded (pl. 3), while the one in a first edition was fresh looking (frontispiece), something a potential buyer may want to look out for.

Heinz Berck Viola d'amore Bibliographie

Berck, Heinz. 1994. Viola d'amore Bibliographie. Neue erweiterte Ausgabe. Softcover. Hofmeister, Lepzig. 338 pp.
ISBN 3-8735-0012-4

This bibliography contains the listings of ~1750 works for viola d'amore, from solo pieces to orchestral works, arranged by number and combination of instruments. It includes both historical as well as contemporary compositions. Many of the pieces are sourced to public repositories; for most pieces there are no contemporary editions (see also the Society's music editions and links). Although the listings are heavily abbreviated and written in German, it is fairly easy to use by non-German speakers.

Jappe Viola d'amore Bibliographie

Jappe, Michael & Dorothea Jappe. 1997. Viola d'amore Bibliographie. Hardback. Amadeus, Winterthur. 224 pp.
ISBN 3-905049-74-0

This Bibliography focusses on the repertoire from ~1680 to after 1800. For each piece a short sheet music example is provided, and some indications on the tuning, playing techniques, and degree of difficulties are provided as appropriate. A working knowledge of German will be helpful to take full advantage of the information provided.

See also their sheet music editions.

Slavic compendium translation Jan Matys. English translation of Compendium of the Viola d’amore by Fran Slavík. Private edition, Praha/Brno 1994. ~100 pages including music example and three Caprices by Fran Slavic. (Original in German, translated by Jan Matys in English and Czech). Available directly from Jan Matys.
Rosenblum viola d'amore dissertation

Rosenblum, Myron. 1976. Contribution to the history and literature of the viola d'amore: A translation and expansion of Werner Eginhard Köhler's 'Beiträge zur Geschichte und Literatur der Viola d'Amore". Ph. D. Thesis, New York University. 339 pp.

The dissertation can be obtained from University of Michigan Microfilm; enter 'Rosenblum, Myron' as author.

Köhler viola d'amore dissertation

Köhler, Werner Eginhard. 1938. Beiträge zur Geschichte und Literatur der Viola d'Amore. Dissertation, Friedrich-Wilhelms-University, Berlin. 95 pp.

This dissertation was translated to English and expanded by Rosenblum (1976: see above). Köhler's dissertation is not as easily obtainable as Rosenblum's. Interested parties may have to contact their local interlibrary loan services, or contact the Berlin University directly.

Bricqueville La Viole d'amour viola d'amore

Bricqueville, Eugène de. 1908. La viole d'amour. Gazette des Musiciens [1905]: 1-15.

This French treatment was originally published in the journal Gazette des Musiciens, but also seems to have been issued separately three years later. The 1905 indication and pagination is taken from an Italian dissertation by Valentina Montanucci (2001-2002: I musicisti italiani e la viola d'amore nella prima metà del Settecento. 210 pp.) from the Università degli Studi di Milano.

Amour et Sympathie viola d'amore

Amour et Sympathie. 1995. Presses universitaires des Limoges.
ISBN-10 2-9509342-0-X
ISBN-13 978-2-9509342-0-8

The book is a symposium proceedings from a Colloquium in Limoges, France, with l'Ensemble Baroque de Limoges. This book has sundry articles by people on different instruments that had sympathetic strings (trompete marina, baryton, Hardanger Fiddle, etc.). The chapter on viola d'amore is by Jean-Philippe Vasseur, a former member and viola d'amore player. It is titled "1800-1900 Viole d'amour, tradition ininterrompue." There is another chapter written by Marianne Rônez: "Aperçus sur la viole d'amour en Allemagne du Sud vers 1700." There are some good illustrations and nice photos of many instruments.
The book can be ordered from here. Also available from amazon.fr (but not amazon.com!).

Goldberg an Weinmann Huberty facsimile edition viola d'amore

Huberty, Anton [1980]. Stücke für Viola d'amore mit und ohne Begleitung [Pieces for Viola d'amore with and without accompaniment]. Musikverlag Ludwig Krenn, Vienna. 3 volumes in 2.

This volume contains a collection of sheet music, and seems to be out of print.


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