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We are pleased to offer the following links to other organizations, string suppliers, luthiers, bow makers, music publishers, etc. who have a strong viola d'amore product or association. If you want your business listed here, please contact the webmaster for such consideration. The listing is at the sole discretion of International Viola d'amore Society.

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Sheet music for Viola d'amore

Store: follow link for details on ordering and prices. Composers represented
Viola d'amore Society of America Editions. Edited by various members of the Society, including Rudolf Hacker, Myron Rosenblum, Gerald Ranck, Jennie Hansen, Gordon Childs, Arnt Martin, Alfred Lessing, Nicholas Neale, and Dan Thomason. These works are either published by the Society or are privately published and are made available through the various members.
Some free sheet music available in members-only section or on select members pages of website.

Anonymous, Lane, Schuchtbauer Arcidiacono, Borghi, Wolf-Ferrari, Graupner, Voigtländer Collection, Owens, Tonson, Mauri.

Petzold, Milandre, Heinichen, Grobe, Fine


Dante Publications: Editions by Dan Thomason, Co-President of the Viola d'Amore Society of America. Early, classical and modern pieces available. USA. Only for members of the Society, no resale.

Milandre, Telemann, Albrechtsberger, Arcidiacono, Stamitz, Krumloffski, Neruda, Biber, Martinides, Rust, Haydn, Anonymous, Lane, Schuchbauer Borghi, Wolf-Ferrari, Graupner, Voigtlander, Owens, Tonson, Mauri
Elaine Fine Hunter: imslp, this site
Saul B. Groen. Specialized in early music with special section on Viola d'amore! The Netherlands. Albrechtsberger, Anonymous, Ariosti, Benda, Biber, Böhm, Gassmann, Graupner, Heinichen, Hoffmeister, Locatelli, Milandre, Quanz, Teleman, Toëschi, Vivaldi
Johan Tufvessons: Free sheet music available on the web, including some Viola d'amore pieces Ariosti, Grobe, Pezel

Editio Alto: with section for Viola d'amore. Note that the company does not accept orders from individuals, and only seems to distribute in Europe. Germany.
This is a very fine German music publisher that has released many excellent editions of music for viola d'amore, most of them edited by Heinz Berck.

Ariosti, anonymous, Eybler, Gassmann, Graupner, Hoffmann, Hofmeister, Martinides, Milandre, Neruda, Vanhal, Wiszniewski.
Il Cornetto Il Cornetto is rapidly adding Viola d'amore editions by Michael and Dorothea Jappe (see also Books page). 13 Editions have been conpleted including two Giuliani Trios, Guzinger suites, four Anonymous pieces, Locatelli trio, Ariosti Stockholm Sonatas, Lezioni, Vetter trio, Schmitt Sonata, Süss Duo, Ganspeck Overture. Offered both with scordatura and real pitch notations. The offerings are rapidly expanding.
Universal Editions. Martin
Sheet Music Plus. Vivaldi, Telemann, Bach, Shirley Paul, Benda, Paul Xaver, Hindemith, Graupner, Boisdeffre, Ariosti, Rameau, Loeffler, Boehmer, Hornbach, Wolf-Ferrari, Kirchner, Locatelli

Nicholas Neale

out of print

Nicholas Neale,  British viola d'amore player, has invested much time and energy into setting up on his computer many excellent viola'damore pieces, originally edited by Ian White, and making them available to members of the International Viola d'amore Society. Initially, he created many viola d'amore works for the Viola d'amore Society of Great Britain and has added some other important works to his now more than 80 publications in his offerings. Contact Nicholas for a complete listing of his editions. See also here.

Voigtlander Collection, Velisek, various duets, Huberti Collection.

Sheet Music Service Vivladi, Telemann, Hindemith, Kirchner, Bach, Benda, Toeschi, Martin, Schenck, Schubert, Marais,
Musigramma (Italy) Ariosti, Borris, Ferrari, Hindemith, Hofmann, Maderna, Michelazzi, Seiber, Shirley, Solbiati, Toma, Vivaldi,
Quall Publications: 
Led by violist/viola d'amore player Leon King, this British firm has released all the Vivaldi viola d'amore concerti (written in the original clefs, with additional 'real notation' versions of any scordatura part) and arias of Vivaldi vocal music with obbligato viola d'amore parts. Additional sheet music including Telemann, Handel, Graupner, Anonymous, and Pezold is available. The web site contains some valuable historical information as well. Convenient paypal payment.
Prima la muscia
Ariosti Stockholm Sonatas 1521 (edited by Thomas Georgi).
Elaine Fine

Free downloads of four contemporary compositions by Elaine Fine for viola(s) d'amore in pdf form:
Three dances for 5 violas d'amore.
Birthday piece for viola d'amore and piano.
Quartetto d'amore for Oboe or Viola d'amore, Flute or viola, violin, and viola.
Sonata d'amore for Oboe d'amore and Viola d'amore.

Additionally a transcription of Bach Suite BWV 995/1011.

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