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We are pleased to offer the following links to other organizations, string suppliers, luthiers, bow makers, music publishers, etc. who have a strong viola d'amore product or association. If you want your business listed here, please contact the webmaster for such consideration. The listing is at the sole discretion of International Viola d'amore Society.

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Luthiers Who Make Violas d'amore:

Paul Hart in Mt. Pleasant, Utah.   Hart has made some fine violas d'amore and continues to create beautiful instruments. Paul gave a lecture on viola d'amore construction at the 12th International Viola d'amore Congress at Snow College in Ephraim, Utah and also exhibited six violas d'amore that he had just finished.

E Mail: plhart@cut.net
Telephone: (435) 462-0301

Devin Hough, Davis, California, is a maker of bowed stringed instruments specializing in instruments of the Baroque, Renaissance and Medieval periods: violin family, violas da gamba, violas d'amore and other period instruments. His instruments are made after historical models or to custom specifications. He just completed a new instrument based on one by Benedict Wagner shown here. Contact him at devin.hough@gmail.com or (530) 750-1132. The viola d'amore below is a recent one by Mr. Hough. Hough-website | Members page.

Devin Hough Viola d'amore

Andreas Jacobi is a Geigenbaumeister in Geisenheim, Germany.  He has just finished a fine viola d'amore which is a copy of a Johannes U. Eberle, 1756.  His instruments show careful workmanship and he will make violas d'amore to order.  http://www.rmgb.de/jacobi/pctshow/index.html

Olivier Calmeille is a luthier in Montpellier, France. His websites shows various views of two violas d'amore he completed one with a woman's head, the second with that of an orchid flower. He is in the process of building two additional instruments. He also offers to make baroque-style bows. His website is currently only in French, though an English version is in preparation. http://oliviercalmeille.fr

Olivier Calmeille  viola d'amoreOlivier Calmeille  viola d'amore

Ekkard Seidl is a master luthier in Thuringia, Germany, who is building violas d'amore. For further information, visit his website [German only]: www.seidlgeigen.com

Daniel Ross in Kerburg, France, makes 4 models of viola d'amore both 6x6 and 7x7 of various sizes including one model that is copied from a 7x7 that was made for Henri Casadesus in 1936: www.danrossluthier.com
Daniel Ross
Plouneour Menez 29410

Walter Mahr is a master luthier in Bubenreuth, Germany, who is building violas d'amore. For further information, visit his website: www.mahr-geigenbau.de

Vratislav Hruby builds various violas d'amore. He is located in Litovel, Czeck Republic. Visit his website: www.caviana.com

Martin Biller is a luthier in the Chicago area that makes 6/6 and 7/7 copies of the “1783 Tomaso Eberle” viola d’amore owned by Tom Georgi.  He also makes arched back violas d’amore modeled after “Jean Baptiste Deshayes Salomon”  (Paris, ca 1740)  as well as “renaissance” violas d’amore. www.martinbillerviolins.com | Members page

opus 92Opus 94Opus 95

Josef Huber, master luthier in Berlin, has been building new Violas d'amore since 1986. He uses as templates historical models, mostly as copies of an instrument that was restored in his shop. Since 2002 serveral Violas d'amore without sympathetic strings were made. www.josefhuber.eu

Henner Harders and Susanne Küster, luthier and wood carver, make copies of Eberle instruments and specialize in head carvings. See www.violworks.com.

Matthias Kayssler, luthier in Mexico who makes various stinged instruments, including violas d'amore. See www.pifeti.com.

Olivia Pelling, luthier in Ottawa, Canada, who makes various stinged instruments, including violas d'amore. See www.finestrings.ca.


Makers of Baroque Bows for Viola d'amore:

Pieter Affourtit:  Pieter Affourtit is a Dutch bow maker who comes from an extensive background as a professional violinist and baroque violinist and as a bow maker.  He has performed viola d'amore as well in early music groups. www.affourtit-bowmaker.com

H.F. Grabenstein: Mr. Granbenstein studied bow making with William Salchow and now lives and works in Williston, Vermont. He has made many historical bows for the viol and violin families and can make bows suitable for viola d'amore.  His bows are used in many early music groups, such as Fretwork, The King's Noyse, the Van Swieten Quartet, the Baltimore Consort, Chatham Baroque, The Orchestra of the 18th Century, The Boston Symphony and The Cleveland Orchestra. www.hfgbowmaker.com

Stephen Marvin: Canadian Stephen Marvin  has been studying and making historical bows for over twenty years and makes bows for all stringed instruments including viol and viola d'amore.  He makes baroque bows, classical bows, and modern bows. Mr. Marvin has made a serious study of early bows. His bows for viola d'amore are made from the finest materials and based on the most accurate historical evidence available.  These bows are intended for the most discerning players. www.historicalbows.com


Cases for Violas d'amore

Kingham Case for viola d'amore

Kingham: The UK-based company makes custom cases for any instrument, including violas d'amore. Each case is individually produced for a specific instrument. Canvas covers in various design options can also be obtained from them. Website.

Carlton: The british company lists custom cases on their website.

Mufasia: The italian company specializes in high-end stringed instruments cases, and can provide custom cases for violas d'amore. Website.

Bergner case. Image show with kind permission Bergner.

Oliver Bergner from Erlbach/Vogtland, Germany, produces a range of custom cases, inlcusive of the viola d'amore. Visit his website [German and English] www.etuibau-bergner.de


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