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Evanston/Chicago 2010 Congress

Images from the Evanston Congress

15th International Viola d'amore Congress. June 21–24, 2010. Evanston/Chicago, Illinois, USA. Rachel Barton Pine, host. THE bi-annual event for viola d'amore. Chamber music, concertos, lectures, presentations, trade-show.
For details, contact our co-directors, or use the Contact form on the web. Download pdf flyer.

Performers, in alphabetical order: Sophia Acheson, Rachel Barton Pine, Frank Bellino, Viera Bilikova, John Ceo, Christoph Christman, Donovan Christman, Ken Christman, Elaine Fine, Daniel Geiger, Franzisk Jaeger, Leon King, Rüdiger Müller-Nübling, Stephen Nachmanovitch, Elizabeth Ohly-Davis, Michel Pons, Myron Rosenblum, Tom Saul, Carlos Solare, Daniel Thomason, Margit Vig, Renata van der Vyver, Elisabeth Watson.

Composers, in alphabetical order: Anonymous, Ariosti, Biber, Boatwright, Bowen, Fine, Giulianai, Graupner, Guzinger, Hindemith, Hoffmann, Hoffmeister, Hunter, Lane, Loeillet, Martin, Muradian, Quanz, Rust, Schlein, Schubert, Stamitz, Süss, Telemann, Vivaldi, Ward.

- Marianne Rônez on some historical instruments (read by Geiger)
- Thomas Georgi on ornamentation in high baroque.
- Martin Biller on construction of his violas d'amore.
- Leon King on the use of the viola d'amore in passion settings by Bach, Telemann and Stolzer.
- Stephen Nachmanivitch on solo improvisation on the viola d'amore.
- Gordon Childs on Carl Wunderle (with live music examples by Ken Christman).

Martin Biller.

The congress is open for attendance to all interested parties. Performers and speakers must be up-to-date dues paying members in good standing of the Viola d'amore Society of America. If you are a performer and have interest in performing, contact either

Daniel Thomason, 10917 Pickford Way, Culver City, CA 90230, USA (E Mail: altviool@sbcglobal.net)  

Myron Rosenblum
, 39-23 47th Street, Sunnyside, NY 11104, USA (E mail: roseviola20@gmail.com)

and let us know your interests. Or, you may attend as an observer or listener and just enjoy the wonderful sounds of the viola d'amore over the congress days.

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